Thursday, October 9, 2008

Helloooooooo, Gorgeus...!!!

Ahahaha, judul yang mengerikan, yaw? Ah, sudahlah... Gak segitunya siy, sebenernya. It's just my mum, it seems that she's getting more desperate seeing me being single and available every single time. She's also worried that someday she won't be able to set the boundaries for me, and made me stay in someplace where she can reach me.
I don't blame her at all. Mengingat anak perempuan satu2nya ini lebih sering berada di luar rumah, dan hanya berada di dalam (dan sekitar) rumah pada waktu2 tertentu, hehe. (By the time I write this thing, I saw Sano's ear on my table! Ahh, I've been seeking for that ears in these 2 years... dengan ditemukannya kuping Sano, Sano akan menjadi boneka Anjing yang utuh, seperti sedia kala... dengan catetan, gw ga lupa bawa tu kuping ke Bali (yes, sadly but true I still sleep accompanied by Momon and Sano, two animal figures, OK DOLLS, of mine...) dan ga males ngejaitnya lagi ke kepala Sano... =p). Ok, kembali ke nyokap gw dan segala kekhawatiran dalam diri nyokap gw.
First of all Mum, I'm only 22 for God's sake. It'll take me another zillion years before I even think to settle down. and note this too, Mum... I'm in Bali, where I could flew for instance if you needed me to be right beside you. I'm moron but I'm not that stupid to be miles away without knowing that I couldn't reach your home as fast as I can.
Problems settled then. Hmm, not quite... How could I explain to my Mum that having no boyfriend isn't a crime? Hmm, I really have no idea, haha. My Mum talked about this as if this is a serious disease I suffer... argh... Now all the members of my big family knew that my biggest issue is having a boyfriend just to fulfill my Mum's will. (Pssst, NO I'm not going to do so just for my Mum, I'm happy with who I am now...)
My Mum's another busy body is to introduce me to as many as relatives that I don't even know that I have one! For me, it's hard enough to barely recognize my cousins from both side of my parents, haha. Oh my God, Nyama, how fast you grew! It seemed like it was just yesterday when your dad asked me to accompany you having pooh2, and next year you're enrolling junior high already? Man, how time flew, yah... Like today, Mum woke me up at EIGHT o'clock in the morning,,, *mum, I'm a daysleeper, haven't you realized, ahahahaha...* just to tell me that I should get a shower fast and dress properly because a relative of ours is coming.
Dress properly? When my Mum said that, it means that I can't wear shorts and tees as I always wear, or I can't show up in pajamas and looking like I haven't got shower in three weeks, haha. It means that I relly have to brush my hair and look civilized, ahahah. Now, that's a though job, you know. For a girl like me, who work in a bizzare office but really home like environment, going to the office doesn't mean that I have to wear shirt and blazers and skirt and shoes that sounded tictoctictoc everytime I walk... Going to the office means, I have to brush my teeth, find the keys of my Vario (yes... I'm Vario... what about you? *twink2*), grab my polo shirt or tees, wear my jeans, step into my sneakers, and just head to the office. Don't you just envy me? I know, ahahhaha... Or... if I really have to work on holidays, I can show up in shorts, slippers, and look like I just woke up in my way to the office, ahahaha... things just don't change since college time, mate. Dress properly means that my Mum have to agree on something I am wearing. After all these years of rebel, I am still Mummy's little daughter, haha.
And so came the relative that I don't know from which side of my parents the came. Call me ignorant but do I REALLY have to know EVERYBODY who is connected to my blood? I don't think so ya, Mum... Mind about the relative who is visiting my fam,,, let's take a look on the boy eh, man escorting her. I envy this guy, I really do. Argggghhh,,, he has a really tempting job. He travels to countries for his office (not to mention, his office is Schlum... yes, the office which created this heartache in me, because they are not accepting architecture graduate... once they post a job vacancy in my faculty, and it was noted there, open for all faculty of engineering graduate, except ARCHITECTURE! Apa salah kami pada Schlum... ituuuuu? apaaaaa?!!!). Oh, his job is really gorgeus... I would trade my job to be in his job... huhuhuhu... Abaaaaaaaang, tukarlah pekerjaanmu itu dengan menjadi arsitek, aku rela Bang... aku relaaaaa.... Ehm,,, Ok, stop that sinetron moment... hahahah... but for real, for me he has a dream job... visiting country to country, I know it's a business trip, but come on! in the middle of business trip, we could always sneak up for some pleasure activities, rite?
So be it, I just stare at the guy (which I have forgotten his name by now, but I didn't forgot his company, ahahah) and made him felt 'Gee, I really have this awkward relative?'. Be it... Let's just make a trade... Call me, and I'll make a good deal of trading jobs... ahahaha, I'll teach you how to use cad and stuffs,,,
And he's only 24... Darn,,, I really envy him...
So, the gorgeus thing about my relative is his job,,, argh... let's go travelling, shall we?

TiQi Bo

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