Sunday, February 26, 2012


Stay low, blend in.
Be anonymous.

Take the corner seats, avoid eye contacts.
Vanish as soon as it ends.

I'm into normalcy. I tried to be some mediocre and be another decoration for the room. I succeeded for three years now, why wouldn't I continue doing so? It's fun, it's fun. Watching the world evolves without getting involved.
But no, can't do. Because of some stupid tests not even me know why I answered correctly. Then all eyes were on me. No fun, no fun. I chose the back seat and wished I faded. Automatically, I lost this privilege of being unknown. Normal.
I wished I could lie, I wish I could pretend it didn't happen. I just wanted to sit back and enjoy the circus show, without being an actual performer. No, sir, not me. I hated the spotlight, I hated the crowd. I hated being shown as some rare endangered species.
Wish not granted. I am now stuck with this crowd for another short yet never ending period of my life. All eyes on me as I make a move. They all assume I had some sort of strategy in mind to win it all. Watch me carefully, as my action is, and always will be, as impulsive as my thoughts.
And all I wanted to be was normalcy.

1 comment:

komting99 said...

hahaha...a cool thought sis.,
but sorry to say,.you couldn't enjoy your privilege anymore.,:D