Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Forms of Energy

I want to make an announcement. Not a big deal, but I think I need to explain how I am doing at the moment. Yes, if you heard the rumor, I am a wife now. And yes, my spouse came from a human being species *mind you, I am still wearing my human mask everywhere I go*.
Why am I married? Hmm, have no idea *dihabeg hamtaro*. I think it's time and I thought that the person I am married to now was something I could be bound to. Some of my friends chose gadgets, pets, games, work, themselves... I chose this particular person. Let's just hope we stay together long enough, till death do we apart.
No, I am not beginning a new life. I have only one life, and I embrace it. I live my life. This person I am married to hopefully could be the one I share this life to. So no, I don't buy the concept of 'Selamat menempuh hidup baru'. I am upgrading my life, not starting over.
Anyway, thank you every each one who were there when I freaked out. I will tell you guys about the details later *when my memory's not overload or lost in space*.
Second thing... I am going back to school! Yay! It's not my dream major nor school, but I got a scholarship to the place, most likely I would have to start to like the major. Um... I'm taking planning as my major, fyi. Nothing fancy. not fancy at all. God save me. :|
I'll go back to gadjah mada, where I obtained my architecture degree. *taking a deep breath*. Wish me a lot of luck :)
I almost broke down on these scholarship hunting. I tried them all, and got rejected. I was upset to my own self for not getting the scholarships. What went wrong? What haven't I do? Why wasn't I got chose? These questions haunted me for almost a year now. And this scholarship, eventhough it's not a fancy scholarship, made me smile a bit. :D *no, it's a big grin...*
I'll be back soon! :)

TiQi Bo


Aziza Iskandar said...

Yo missy... when are you going to Jogja? I need to hear details about why you are married before you go? Hahaha.. :D

TiQi Bo said...

Err.. I am now in Yogya, haha.
I didn't know I got the scholarship, not until I got married. So well, let's say it's a wedding gift from above. :p