Friday, April 9, 2010

Holding on

Don't turn away
Dry your eyes, dry your eyes
Don't be afraid
But keep it all inside, all inside
When you fall apart
Dry your eyes, dry your eyes
Life is always hard
For the Belle of the Boulevard

-Belle of the boulevard, Dashboard confessional-

For now? I like this song so much... Too bad I can't sing it out loud in the office. Not that I became dumb in the office, it's just that my office is kinda a normal office *ya, menurut lu, Boooo?*, where I wasn't suppose to wear my earphone and do headbanging on my own chair... But well, I did that... :p
I don't do facebook so much nowadays. But I still open it regularly every single day, just to read messages I receive from Balz. Balemoterz... My early college friends. 7 girls. Sometimes it's too much for me, to listen them talking. But I missed them, so bad. Hmm, let's see... Ulit is now a mother of two gorgeous sons (Ali and Adin, be good to Mummy ok, she has left many unspoken and spoken dreams to have you guys), Eiy the popodanes architect in Bali, Dedeq the Bensley overtime architect in Bali, Puta the *lost* government officer, Bie and Yuyu the on the track architects. Each of them has their own problems to deal and that message was a place where we all could say the problems out loud. You see, we girls, don't need any feed back, we just need to make sure everybody's listening and gave us the support.
From the message, I can see *and eventually read* that they are planning to settle down with their life and guys, well except for Ulit(and me.. :p). Time does flies, don't they? Five years ago, girls... I still laugh when I remembered the good old days. The inside jokes, the intrigues, the life we lived.
I mean, who would've thought, Ulit is very capable of raising two boys?! TWO BOYS, OEL!!!! And still on her way to earn her master degree. Made me hold up my tears today when I almost broke down when my boss gave away the seminar tickets to the other staff. Yes, I'm in my sentimentil agogo mode today. Well be it, if it's meant to be, it'll always return to me. Right now, I am just sending my prayers to my boss, may he retire soon :p.
Dedeq, apart from her childish look, she is one hell of a woman. Trying to face the world for a guy. Hey, for me, religions are private matter. But for the common people, it's like the first thing to see from a guy (bibit, bebet, bobot, eh... yang penting, dia solat jumat kan? *krikrikrik*).
Eiy is always the tough girl. Staying put in Bali for Yayak. whoaaa, I'm not sure I could do that. She sid she loves the guy, and I believed that.
Yuyu is building her own clothing shop. While she still works as an architect. Made me believe, I haven't tried hard enough. Because if I tried so hard, there's no such thing as impossible.
Bie, the kerupuk lover. She has always been the mature one. She stayed on track on what she wanted. Nice thingy, huh?
Puta is a government officer now. But she's thinking of stepping out from these bureaucrazy thingy. We're right beside you, to hold you. :)

I once again count my blessings. It's countless, if you ask me. Even though my life may seem like a total mess with me being in the center, I like to see it as order in chaos. So here I am, drying up my tears, stretching another smile. I know You're never there, God... Because you're always here, with me. :)

TiQi Bo
Kamu tau nggak Balemot itu apa? Balemot itu kelinci, tapi kupingnya tujuuuuh, matanya tujuuuuuh, kakinya tujuuuuh. Aku juga nggak yakin itu namanya apa, tapi aku kasih nama dia Balemot. :))


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OeL: Hey, we're here. We're always here to hold you, to support you, to remind you. I miss you and your boys much! :)