Thursday, January 28, 2010

if a secret makes a woman

Mummy, I have a confession
But before, did you remember that a secret makes a woman?
Well, I'm one hell of a woman, alright...

Mummy, I need to confess
But before, did you remember that white lies are forgivable?
Well, you can say, I'm a saint...

Mummy, please listen to me confessing
But before, did you remember that making other people smile is a good thing?
Well, I have a great amount of saving of good things...

Mummy, here's a thing
I'm no immaculate person, that we know
I'm no good at saving anything, that we know
I'm not even a complete woman yet, that we also know

Mummy, I don't need to say a thing, don't I?
You know it all.
You just don't know the details.

And for that...
That's why sometimes they call me a woman...

I love you Mummy! :)

TiQi Bo


wadesay said...

am a woman, too, then :D glad to know it, wkwkwk

TiQi Bo said...

You decide, Wade... you decide... :)