Monday, February 1, 2010

and I said I was mature enough

I attended my friend's wedding yesterday. A real complicated and hitting my nerves story to tell from the beginning.
I said 'what the fuck' to my friend. Something I never did to her in this past seven years. She was a decent woman, and me? I'm a rebel girl. She was the one who gave me somewhere to run when I had problems. She was a place to have my nap, when my room looked like a total mess *usually happens in the end of semester, facing my exams :p*. She never mind I never spoke anything about my problems. She was there to make me realize how silly my problems were. I should never said those words to this fine young woman.
I looked back to our seven years friendship. I always had this picture in my mind, she would have a 'normal' kind of wedding. With a guy that she really loved. And every body came and gather around. And I was able to take candids of them. I always love how couples glow when they're together. And I also love the food in the parties. :p
And there I was, carrying my cimot *the thing that I was suppose to introduce to her in a more casual occasion*, meeting my friend in her make up room. I smiled. She panicked. For the first time, I saw her talking pointlessly, the thing that I did the past seven years to her. It was an important day to her. The day she turned into somebody's other half.
As her relatives took over the room, I slipped out. I'm not good with crowds. I came out and looked at her husband-to-be. Nervous as he could be. He looked at me, and smile. I knew them better than most of the people in the place.
It wasn't a perfect wedding. They haven't held a party to celebrate it. But hey, who am I to judge?
They asked me to shut my mouth about their wedding. So I did. Although I think this good news must be spread out.
And here I am, looking at their wedding pictures. Crossing my fingers and sent my prayers for them. Hopefully they could make it all the way through. Till death do they apart. Amen.

TiQi Bo
*and she smiles sincerely just for the guy. Magnificent*

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