Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A full week with 14 different individuals

After prajab stories, this time, I wanted to share stories of the 7 days I spent with 14 different person... :)

day 1 - always a procrastinator
Bo: *texting Ayyu* hey, if you're on your way to pick me up, lemme know *preparing to get some sleep*
Ayyu: *3 minutes after I texted her* I'm on my way.
*nooooo, my precious sleeping time! Ayyu! you ruin my plans!*

bluetooth from my DSLR?
Mega: I would love to have the shot!
Bo: Sure, I'll bluetooth them right from my DSLR! *smirking*
Mega: Dammit, my cellphone's dead!
Bo: *whoa, she believes that my dslr could do bluetooth?* uhm, awraity then, I'll mobile upload them... :)
Mega: your camera could do that as well?
*krikrikrik... Megaaaa... naive! :))*

Is it possible?
Febri: Ah, no one got a tele... :(
Bo: yeah, mine's as standard as it could be... hey! I got an idea... how about we glue your lens and mine together! would it be a 18 - 110 mm lens?
Febri: :)) nice! let's find that glue...
*wokaaay,,, mas Febri has gone mad!*

I'm always sick, mas!
Febri: so, since when did you lost your sanity?
Bo: hehehehehe... since forever, didn't you know?
Febri: First time I knew you, you look sane...
Bo: I need to get to know people first to show who I really am, mas... and yes,,, me. insane. >:)
*giving Febri a pat on his back... 'maap mas, temanmu ini memang agak gak waras'*

that's for today... I'll continue them... maybe it's better in Bahasa :D

TiQi Bo
missing what I have lost... it's trully normal, rite?


zam said...

kamera dgn sistem pemindah menggunakan Bluetooth itu mungkin akan bener ada. lebih keren lagi kalo DSLR bisa langsung upload dgn menggunakan wi-fi.. hehehe

TiQi Bo said...

wah, kalo ada dslr yang bisa wifian sekaligus, nitip satu ya! sekalian keyboard portabelnya! :p