Friday, September 18, 2009

There's a reason we call it past

She's beautiful, Bo... I can't compete with that...
What's the point of being beautiful if you can't see through yourself, mate?
He saw you, he chose you.

She's beautiful, Bo... Everybody that I knew said so...
What's the point of seeing anybody else beautiful if you were saying it cynical, mate?
He believes in you, he feels comfortable with you.

She's beautiful, Bo... She's the reason I cried last night...
What's the point of having this conversation if you can't think clearly, mate?
He cares about you, he loves you.

I can't be judgmental, mate. I can't take sides. I can't choose for you.
For all I know, that she is his past. history. period.

And you, are his present.
And hopefully his future.

The problem is, are you willing to let the past be and be there in his future?

TiQi Bo
I'll be looking forward to Dec 6 2009, mate. Whatever happens, all I see is Dec 6 2009.
ll the bitch talking, swearing, and dirty jobs? leave them to me... I'm the devilish one. You can't take my role. As I can't take your role as the immaculate one. =p
Anyway, I'll be heading home today! yay! King, pick me up at the airport!

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