Sunday, September 13, 2009

I guess it's in our blood...

I had a chat with my brother earlier today... I edited his ID, so that my friends couldn't add him on his Y!M... *yes, I am a bit possesive... dude, find your own brother... his solely mine! =p*

TQ: stephen in wonderland? *the status on his Y!M*
TQ: apa itu?
King: Ha? Penyanyi tuna swara
TQ: penyanyi... engh... tuna suara?
TQ: hng....
King: Yap
TQ: and uhm... how does he sing?
TQ: gak ada tuh, gw search di internet
King: By clapping his hand and swinging his afro hair
TQ: uhm... his name is stephen in wonderland?
TQ: I can't find him by googling
King: Go green please, use blackle
TQ: nope... not working hereeeeee....
TQ: stephen in wonderland?
King: Yap! Absolutely rock dude!
King: Masa'?
TQ: makanya gw nanyaaaaaa....
King: Oh yaudah, brarti g ad
TQ: lhaaaaaa?
TQ: sebenernya, ada ato enggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkk????
King: G adah
TQ: hhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggghhhhh
King: It's a hoax!
TQ: asshole... :p
TQ: jahat luuuuuuuuuuu
*OK, Bo, si tukang tipu muslihat... tertipu adeknya sendiri... I wonder where did he learn to do such cheat... I never taught him that... *soksokangakmerasabersalah* I am proud of you, King! =p*

King: Lagian iseng amat nyari d gugel, ndak ada krjaan yak?
TQ: lha.... emang...
TQ: lu juga siy... iseng amir...
King: Lah, abisnya gak ada ide bwt status
TQ: king... kamu menyesatkan kakakmu sendiri
TQ: adek durhaka kamuh!
TQ: huh!
King: Jgn blg lw ampe nanyak2 tetangga soal pnyanyi tuna swara ini
TQ: gue nanya temen gw... *I ask my friend indeed... I am too curious to let this thing be... my bad =p*
TQ: kampretooooooooooos
TQ: you got me!
TQ: sesat kamuuuuuh! sesaaaaaaaaaat!
King: Mwakakakakaka!
*hrgh... he really got me... I wish I was there beside him, just to give him that looser look upon his face, ahahaha dammit...*

TQ: gobliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig
TQ: untung blom aku publish di blog sekalian
King: New blog?
TQ: nope...
TQ: but, uhm... this will certainly be my new post
TQ: huh!
TQ: aku ditipu adek sendiri
TQ: no treat for you, king!
King: Stupidos!
TQ: yeah, me stupid me trust you
King: Me have a stupid laugh her
TQ: me hate younger brother
TQ: me will tell mummy
TQ: me will be the only child
*so, here's my new post, King... dedicated for you and my stupidity to trust you, hueheheheeh*

King: Haha, bilang aja, yaudah, aku mau beribadah ampe buka
TQ: TIDUR maksud lu?
TQ: eh, dudul... solat kek... ngaji kek...
TQ: kirim doa buat gue kek...
TQ: asal jangan nyolatin gue
King: Nanti dah, kalo dah tiba waktuna
TQ: solat dulu, king!
TQ: masi inget cara solat gak?
TQ: brapa rakaat?
King: Oiya gw lupa naroh blog lw d blogroll gw
King: Solat mah gmpang, tgl ikut yg depan aja
*oh dear... this attitude seems scarely familiar with an individual I knew very well... uhm... that individual I called 'me'*

TQ: ngabuburit ma mas dhanar dan mbak anggun... nyari sepatu buat nyokap
TQ: nitip apa lu?
King: Hokben?
TQ: hmm.. gw pulang naik pesawat
TQ: is krispy kreme donut ok for you?
TQ: *eh, bentar... gw lupa terminal brepe gw brengket* *amnesia mulai kumat*
TQ: then, it'll be food for you, ey?
TQ: ok...
TQ: pork or bacon?
King: Hm...ak yg halal aja, ham aja kalo ada
TQ: hamster?
King: Bukan, daging olahan
TQ: hamberger?
King: HAM, dari hampton
TQ: nggak bak2 an aja?
King: Bak2?
tikki: bakpia, bakmi, bakso... *everything with 'bak' is originally made of pork... A chinese, uhm.. no actually, THREE chinese friend told me about it...*
King: Yah pkoknya enak dan tidak menyehatkanlah
TQ: things with bak2 an
King: Oiya kalo ngabuburit, nitip salam
TQ: salam laos?
TQ: gue gak ke pasar...
King: Bwt stephen in wonderland
King: Mwahauhauhauhau
King: Pull d plug dulu yak, mo tdur
King: Yop
King has signed out. (13/09/2009 15:19)
*Nice epilogue there, King... you GOT me again with that stephen in wonderland*

Please do remind me that I really love my younger brother, and that he is a non edible thing... =p. This kind of chat is what I missed the most when I'm home... Wait for me, King... I'd be home soon... Just to drag your pillows and bolster out of your bed... and of course threw you out of your bed too, King...
I miss you so bad, King... I am sorry I can't always be there when you needed me, and when I'm around, I made you felt like a looser for everything that you did was never right... I envy you, King... You were always there by Mum and Pap while I'm away. You may not have any idea of how precious is that moments to spend your times with Mummy, apart from her petuahyangkadangterlalubijakdansulitdicernadandiulangulangsampaibosan thingy and times you'd have to spend with Pap in silence. But trust me, King... being by yourself and taking care everything by yourself is a huge responsibility. Sometimes I just wish that Mum and Pap were the ones that made the choices for me, so I could blame them when things go wrong just to ask their support, but hey... reality bites! =D
So, uhm... what do you want for christmas? eh, salah... for Idul Fitri? My forgiveness? Huehehehehehe... *hugs!*

dreams that I have embraced, can't cover the trace of my home - Cover, Anggun
please drop by at <--- King's blog... he's talented and I'm proud of him...

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