Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Please save your tears

A friend of mine told me that the person have made a horrible mistake. I replied, so, what's next?
You can cry out loud or run as far as you can, but after a while, you would finally realized, what has been done, could never be erased.The most important thing is, what is the following step you are going to take.
I have done zillions mistakes in my life. Some were stupid, and most were moronic things. Does that make me have the right to say that I am a better person compared to the other? Absolutely no, mates.
So don't expect me to say things you should do or you shouldn't do, because I'm not a preacher. I don't always practice what I said, mates. All I know is, tomorrow is a different day, hopefully I could pass tomorrow better than today and survived by the end of the day.
I made my own decissions, and hopefully I could give you some advises, so you can make yours too. If you think that my advise is worth to try, then go with it. But if you think their silly *which most of the time occured, hehe...*, please just ignore me.
Just don't cry too long, mate. Cos life won't stand still while you were crying.
That's why I kept trying to ignore these pains and sorrow, and reverse it to become a laughter to share *heee, curhat colongaaaaan*. Anyway, there's 230 billion other person just around Indonesia, do you think it's worthed to fall deep just because of one person? I don't think so.

TiQi Bo

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