Thursday, November 6, 2008

My stupid faces

Although I aaaaalllllwwwwaaaaaaays look stupid, mas Gayuh recently caught me on camera,,,, argh...
Here are some of my stupid faces in the office...

Lunch time... and, of course... I never ate politely, hauhauhau... *gotcha!* T.T

Monyong2 on lunch time,,, Intan said my face always shows unpredictable emotions... she also said, that I look like Momokan,,, which is a dog in a comic... *gotcha!*T.T

arrrgggghhh,,, kenapa gw di zoom? jerawat gw! cover me! anyway, look how serious I am at work... =p, seriously listening to winamp, mwahahahahah... *gotcha!* T.T

Chinyooooo,,,,Oh, this is still in the office,,, on a hot sunny day,,,, fuahhh... *Gotcha!* T.T

This is the most ridiculous one,,, Mylan said that I look like a weaver... aaarrrggghhh,,,, great! I have a lot of nicknames now... Kebo, Momokan, and weaver... But, that's fine with me, Mates! *gotcha!* T.T

I guess I always look stupid yaw? aaaarrrrrrghhhh,,,,, look smart, Bo! grow up!

TiQi Bo


toramichan said...

memang sangat stupid tik.
weaver? r u a weaver? jadi selama ini aq salah? aq mengiramu kebo...

TiQi Bo said...

I am a 'kebo', I am a 'momokan', I am also a weaver... haduh... gw punya multiple personality de keknya, Tom... =D