Sunday, November 9, 2008

Road Trip

Seminggu ini aku (sok) sibuk sekali, nyaris nggak ada waktu buat rambutku, rusak sekali jadinya,,, hehehe... OK, that was a copycat habis2an dari iklan syampuuu... But honestly, I've been really busy covering my ass from the office. A whole week off from the office made me felt guilty,,, I've avoid a lot of obligations from the office. Shit, I hate feeling guilty. I also hate imagining how si oom would yell at me because I ran off from the ffice, hehe. But probably tomorrow, when I enter the office, he would have totally forgotten that I worked in his office and he would wonder 'who is that dark girl messing around in the office today?',,, haaaahhhh,,,But then, let's just cross my fingers and pray for the best tomorrow. Here's some story from my trip... I left Denpasar on Wednesday 291008 and head off to Solo. Since there were no direct flight from DPS to SOC, I flew to JOG instead. My parents was so busy that I have to find my way myself to be in Solo. So I took prameks,,, Riding Prameks recalls my memory to the years I was in college. I love watching human behvior, and in Prameks, I could stare human behavior from head to toe. Usually I brought pocket digicam to take some shots, but this time, I took vistas with my eyes. Anyway, during my waiting time in the station I met two women. One was an old lady, aged around late 70s. Yet, she had the strength to travel around Indonesia by herself. She said that her secret was being vegetarian and eat correctly. Hmm, I guess I should travel a lot while I am still young, since I ate really worse, I might not have the strength to travel again if I get old (IF I ever get old,,, architects die young, mates... ahahahaha...). Kemungkinan, dalam waktu 30 taun, kalo gw jalan rada jauh, jalan ma anak gw (hehe, mimpi boleh dong,,,, tapi anak gw kemungkinan bakal masi imut banget,,,), gw bakal bilang...'Nduk, kaki Mami pegel ni... istirahat dulu... hooooopppp.... hooooooopppp...' dan anak gw bakal bilang 'Yaaaaah, Mami.... ini bahkan blom kluar dari halaman rumah kitaaaa!!!!! masa' udah istirahat aja sih???', hahahahah... Reminds me of Garfield the movie. The second woman I met was in her 30s. She is studying anti-aging in Udayana University... Waaaaaawwww,,, What's unbelievable from herwas she carried a box full of sand from Bali which she barely could lift since she also carry a suitcase and a handbag (so, I acrried that box, hehe... since I only carry a backpack at the time). She was a med doctor with two kiddoes,,, edaaaaaaaan, emak2 tuh emang top abis... so, my waiting time for an hour was fun in my point of view, hehe.I got into my house, and found it empty, as usual. This is a house, and we call it home on weekends. So, I strolled to the post office and enjoy the city I lived in on my high school period of time. I got home, and wited for my mum. We had lunch and did some chitchat. Oh, BTW, I was home basically cos my Mum and my Dad is going to have a le grande voyage. Haaaaaahhhh,,, suitcases were already prepared and they'll be away for more than a month. Take care, folks...Theeeeeeeeeeen, I went off to Jakarta. Stayed for two days there, and thought 'when will I begin to like this city, anyway?'. Cos I still hate that city a lot. Let's see where my destiny will take me. I wanted to avoid Jakarta for as long as I can,,, Yang terjadi di Jakarta? Hmm, nothing...Got back to Solo and slept, hehe. I looooooooooove daysleeping... I accompanied my dad bought stuffs for his trip. Handuk (dua macem anduk,,, DUA MACEM ANDUK!!! haaaahhh,,,,), peniti (empat renteng peniti, EMPAT!),sajadah perlak (Pap, namanya sajadah La Tansa, kata mbak2nya yang jualan,,, bukan sajadah perlak...), Jerigen, Karet gelang,,, ah, those itsy bitsy stuffs lah... LUmayan lucu sih, belanja ma Pap... Basically, Pap emang kocak siy... walo dia nyaris gak berkata2... Dia cuman nanyain, 'gimana Jakarta?' dan waktu gw jawab 'Gila... don't expect too much lah, Pap...', dia trus diem sambil ngangguk2... hampir sama reaksinya waktu gw bilang mobilnya gw serempetin... hehe, Pap keknya udah pasrah punya anak kek gw... The following day, I got an eye check... guess what? astigmatisma gw hilaaaaang,,, yay! yay! yay! tapi, skarang mata gw -1.25 yang kanan dan -0.5 yang kiri, hehe... parah... pantes, mata gw yang kanan rada belo... T.T Last day di Solo, bonyok ada acara, so I rode mbleki with King,, bought him a new back pack, since he doesn't have one, hehe. Jadi ya, King ya... modal lu back pack ituuu, yaaaa having a back pack! Piye sih? Dasar pelit,,, simpen aja trus suara lo,,, ngomong ga da salahnya ko... Mum juga pasti ngebeliin... ah, having two guys in my fam, both share the same pace, hehe.And here I am, back to my boarding house in DPS, shocked to see my room... Gw tinggal seminggu, trus berubah jadi sarang tikus... Martha nanya, 'bolongan di WC lu keangkat ga?',,, 'iyah',,, 'naaaah, TIKUS! PASTI TIKUS!!!'... Sial,,, jadilah gw nyuci sprei+sarung bantal+selimut gw malem2 buta,,, ngepel kamar gw mpe dua kali, gar2 baunya ga ilang, ngosek kamar mandi gara2 tu tokai2 tikus sarap itu masi berceceran... sialsialsial... Skarang, baunya udah kek kamar gw lagi, hehe... senangnyaaaaa... Welcome to real life, Tik, salam Tino ke gw,,, setelah dia minta oleh2... kampret,,, bantuin gw nyapu kek... ngepel kek... huuuuuwwww, jahat lu, No...Now, since it's 1 pm in Bali, let's sleep shall we... Mudah2an besok gw kaga diteriakin ma si oom, moga besok gw bisa belagak kaga kliatan trus ketika dia nyadar, dia kaga ngomong apa2... Ya oloooooooooooo, tolonglah gw.... Let's sleep... fuah...

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