Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Loosing is gaining something

Liburan lebaran kali ini, I didn't have the chance to even meet my partners in crime when I'm in Solo as I always did these years. Yes, blame it on my tight schedule of pleasing my relative's apetite of seeing me.
But then, I got the chance to sneak out in my last day in Solo. Oh, no... it was saturday. I strolled off to the cinema and watch Laskar Pelangi along with my school mates. actually, I don't know them quite well, but it's funny you know, you never knew what you got until you lost them, right? I got the chance of talking to Achmad Nanang and Puji, whom I never spoke to when I was in high school. *Remind me that I went to the same high school as they were, haaaahhhh...*
Puji and Nanang both has work well. Nanang is an architect, working in DP, Singapore and Puji is an aeronautical engineer, working in somekind of plane maintenance in Bandung. Eligible bachelors, girls... ahahaha... Oh, let's not neglect Whisnu and Mut too. My friends, they have all evolve to some one, while I still play around like kids do.
Hanging out with them is really an eye opener for me. If one is really determined of being somebody, somehow one will end up being success. It's just a matter of struggling. Everything in life is worth fighting for.
Talking to them made me think of my next step. Where do I want to be? What achievement do I want to achieve next? Which way do I want to choose? Hahah, so guyz... if you want to visit me here in Bali, today might be the right time, cos I can't promise whether next year I would still be in Bali or not.
Things changed a lot from the time when we're still in high school. Back then, we would go to KoBar and think that I have spent my money for something not worthed (OK, I'm being hyperbolic, ahhahaha...), but now, at least we could spend our money to watch movie plus eat and think that the money we spent was worthed because we could not always have the chance to meet with our friends. It is not about how much money we have spent, it's the momentum that we can not repeat again. We could gain money again the following month (by working our ass off, working over time and stuffs,,, pardon my french yaw), but it'll be hard to meet our friends in any other occasion.
But then, after realizing that in my age, I should have taken working more seriously, not just somekind of leisure time activities that I enjoy, hehe., I am still my mum's little daughter. At 9 pm, I took Mut home and strolled back home. wishing myself I didn't get grounded for coming home late (9.30 is late enough, if you talk to my Mum...). I did not get grounded, but I still felt guilty,,, to repay, I spent almost 3 hours accompanying my Mum sleeping. Yes, she slept and I watched TV. God, how I missed my Mum. God, how she have grown older since the last time I saw her. God, how I have missed so many time by neglecting her, disappointing her. God, how I only have short time to please her.
I guess I should start to please my parents soon. Soon enough, this time I would only like to enjoy my life,,, loh....???

TiQi Bo

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