Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fairy Tale Dream

It's been a long whole month, staying in this place. Yeah, I finally left my loved ones to pursue whatever dream left I have. I should be happy, right? Well, in one cortex, I am happy, but this complex brain of mine would not just let me be happy. Yea yea.
One whole frickin' month, it's more like 92643759120923787432 long breathe I inhale. yeah, it's just some random number i type in. Seriously, I lost count from the first day I arrived. I was saved by the break of day every single day. If I could, i would just sit down and stare blankly at the calendar, and as the midnight approach, I would take out a red marker and cross out the date. Yep, 360is days left. *dies*
Perth perth perth. Still 11 months to spend here, and mind you, a DEGREE to take home with. Ow dear, having the first marked assignment back in my hand is like a slap right on my face. Welcome to analytical thinking, you sheepishly blunt looking Indonesian (not exactly that, but the previous studying time seems insignificant when I took back the assignment). Lucky, I am more mature than before, so I didn't cry my eyes out, instead I went out and ate ice cream. Lots of them. While watching crappy movies (define: mature).
Move on, move on. I always wanted this. Even my husband (wait, husband? ah yeah, hi, husband..) know how much I wanted this and he supported me (you did support me, didn't you, dear? right? right?). So yeah, I promised myself to take that degree back with me. In blood or with pride, who ever knows. Next year. Next year? (anxious laugh)

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