Thursday, July 22, 2010


A friend: Why are you trying this hard to find out something that you know will fail?
Me: I wanted to know my limits. And no one can be certain about the future until it happens.
A friend: What if you fail?
Me: I'll bleed. I'd stumble. I'll cry my eyes out. I'd regret. But at least I tried.
A friend: What if the universe conspires to let you fail?
Me: I don't know. All I know is I've got to try. While I have the chance.
A friend: Why are you torturing yourself?
Me: Because I can't torture anybody else. It's my dream. And no one should suffer other than me.
A friend: With no preparation at all?
Me: I've prepared. I'll meet you there.
A friend: Why are you so optimistic?
Me: When I have no preparation, when you tell me I'll fail, when the universe conspires against me, I have to picture myself there, in my dream place, so I could raise up my mood and just struggle harder.
A friend: You're pathetic.
Me: I know. I love it when you're sarcastic.

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