Monday, June 29, 2009

So you think so?

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What's so good about blackberry, anyway?
It's black, fat, square, NOT ergonomic, expensive...
Was it because of the pride, you decide to have a blackberry? Because you could AFFORD them? Oh, correction, maybe your Mum and Dad was the one forcing you to have one.
Well, excuse me. *not that I will say no if my Mum 'accidentally' bought me a blackberry,,, huehehe*
Do you happen to be a superdupermobilekindofperson who is mobile all the day? Or maybe a superduperbusykindofperson who has to be connected with all you work issues? Or you are a superduperlousykindofperson who don't have the guts to experience the real world?

At those points, I must admit, you might need a blackberry.
For these points, I can not agree:
You need them to only check on your facebook. Your e-mail account were the one that has the notification of your facebook account. You love to scroll the 'roll on' when you have nothing to do. You like the fact that blackberry is indeed a symbol of your status *hellooooow?*. Your clutch is apparently smaller than you blackberry, so that you have to carry the BB in your hand. You are just a spoiled kid who doesn't even know where does money came from *oh, they did not just came out from an ATM machine, stupid...*.

Think. Think smart.

TiQi Bo
*halah, ngomong aja kalo blom mampu beli BB... repot bener sih, Booooo? Bukan, gw cuma kesel, e-mail2 yang gw terima semakin banyak berbunyi sent from my ohwhatsoeverreallykewlgadget itu*


lembukuning said...

emangnya gak bisa diubah yah?
kan cuma signature

lu bikin sig aja tiq

sent from my what ever

TiQi Bo said...

hyahahaha... wogh, ga tau, kaaaaakk...
gw mo bikin signature,

sent from my 'motauajasihluuuuu...'