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Oleh2 orientasi CPNS

Sori udah agak lama, tapi mudah2an tulisan ini ga basi...

It's official now, mates... I'm a CPNS. T.T
I am no longer just recorded in this country as numbers of citizen card, but also numbers of government officer.
Let's skip the menye2 part that screamed out of my mind saying I am insane or something (cos I might end up sounded like si Oom, who *I know it's hard to say* I missed, hehe). I had this work orientation session from 9-24 december 2008, and here's some stories of the orientation session.

3 December 2008
Bloody hell, after being ignorant for some years, government has made me remembered of how I can't stand having a morning ceremony. As 'anak bawang', I have to be in the office at 7 o'clock, while the ceremony started at 8.30,,, remind me, mates... If somehow *or somewhen, halah...* I end up being the minister of Public Work *which I applied for, but they said that the position was taken, and I have to kill all the public work officers till their roots if I wanted to be a minister* please do knock me in the forehead *ditoyor, as you guys always did to me* if I came late. I just can't stand standing still under the sun for some time... Suddenly I felt like I was going to have a black out, and Fenita and Wiwin said I looked so pale... Sheesh... But, I survived that day. Owh, mind me too, mates... Every 3 December is Public Work day, which means I always have to held a ceremony,,, T.T
Imagine, I'm 22 right now, and if I got retired at 56, I have to go through 34 years of ceremonies, uhuhuhuhuhuuuu.... What path have I choseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnn??? Why meeeeeeeeeeeee? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii???

9 December 2008
First day of the orientation session. Have I mentioned before that I hated *no,no,,, I DISLIKE* waking up early? Well, staying in Bekasi while my office is in JakSel is a full guarantee that I have to wake up early in the morning to wake the roosters up... T.T
The first day went well, with having 264 other faces to memorize, I gave up and let my *new* friends who sit next to me do the job of memorizing names...

10 December 2008
2nd day of orientation,,, got ESQ session for 3 hours... THREE hours? Not enough, mates... I was just starting to pull out a tissue when they said that the ESQ is over. Whaaaaa'? I recall my ESQ moment years ago, I cried myself out, feeling totally sinful,,, But then, it took me 3 days, not 3 hours, hehe.
Trustco took over the class and asked us to make group of 25. Don't ask me the names of my friends in the same group, cos I still can't remember, hehe.... Forgive me Lord, I have sinned,,, Let's see,, Desy, Papay, Irma, Yulia, Bang Joz, Conny, Fenita, Wiwin, Ira, Nia, Yanti, Ifan, Rizky, Dadang, Angga, Hakim, Hide, mbak Uli, Ayyu, Emma, Dian, Yudha, Ernes.... hmmm, yaaaak, bubar graaaaaaaaak... I forgot the rest...

11 December 2008
First day of experiencing outbond in Jatiluhur. As it usually happens to me, my group was the 'keser2' group among 9 others, hehe...
Yes...yes... no problemo, amigo.... As long as everybody is having a great time, it doesn't matter if we lost.

12 December 2008
2nd day in Jatiluhur, we had outbound. But before the outbound begun, we have to take a look at WADUK JATILUHUR yang tertjintah ini. Yes, we did it on foot, mates... I *hoshhosh* thought *hoshhosh* the *hoshhosh* committee *hoshhosh* are so damn crueeeeeeeeeeeeel! WSe have to go downhill and then went uphillto see the dam. Arrrrgggghhhh,,,, when we head back to the basecamp, all we have to do was walk in a blink of an eye to reach the start point... bageuuuuuuusssss.... Ngerjain anak bawang, bageuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus...
Then, we went outbound. We had Paintball, maze, gegana, amazone, emh.... a lot of stuffs. And thank God, my group didn't end up being last... hehehe...

13 December 2008
Last day of being outside the classroom. We visited Puslitbangkim, Karang By pass project, and Thames PAM jaya (AETRA). Oh, I forgot to mention, I discover a lot of acronyms in this orientation,,, whether Fenita asked me first or I asked her first,,, and we both end up making things up just to fulfil our curiosity of acronyms... (Fen, kita tambah cerdas soal singkat menyingkat selama orientasi, yaw? Bagoooooossss...)

15 December 2008
Got back in the classroom in Jakarta. Here starts the day of listening to people speaking of things a blurly understand. *Thank God I went to architecture, so when they talk about concretes or stuffs I still could understand a bit, I was wondering what went on Angga's mind, since he was a Kepelatihan OLahraga graduate... I know, world's so harsh on you, Angga... be though, mate... No wonder along the orientation session he just stood still staring straight ahead looking like 'idon'thaveacluewhatarethoseoom2istalkingabout,getmeoutofheeereeeeee'

16 December 2008
Still having in class session,,, and still stupidly making up acronyms with Fenita,,, please join us, Papay and Ira, hehe...
Found out that I got accompanied by group of guys on my way back to Bekasi. Since the bus was so crowded, all I did was look at them, and they looked at me too. *Or, was it I stared at them and they looked at me for mercy? I forgot, hehe*

17 December 2008
Still the same boring in class session... Why do we have to wear white shirt and black skirt/trousers anyway? And to add up this stupidity, we even have to wear ties... Great...
I found out that Haning, a girl from the same hillariousorientationsession also took the same bus to head back to Bekasi. After spending all these times alone waiting the bus, I was relieved someone *a girl, I mean...* also share the same misery, hehe...

18 December 2008
In class session again... Fuahh... Today Nia told me about a book she was reading. Titled 'sejarah angka nol',,, ya owloh, Nia... beurat ah, baca bukuna... In the middle of her story, she mentioned Babilonia period... From out of nowhere, I said 'Babi lo nia?',,, and then I became sane and covered my stupid reflectismorefasterthanmybrain mouth... 'Wawawaaaaa, maafin gw, Niaaaa... gak sengajaaaa maafin gw....', and she laugh out loud... I felt so guilty I said that thing without thinking at all. Then she said, 'no prob, the last time I heard that was in Junior high,,, and there was a flower named Begonia also...',,, Lah.... kok ya, aneh yaaaa... malah ketawa2... Then I realized, did she just said, the last time she heard that tease was when she ws in Junior high? Soooo, I got the same level of thought as Junior high? Ah, aku nistaaaa... aku nistaaaaaaaaaaa.... uhuhuhuhuuuu...
Fenita and Wiwin only stared at me and said 'dasar anak2'... I replied 'dasar udah tua...' *it's ok, we didn't end up bacok2an... mreka cuma menoyor kepala gw, seperti biasa... awh, I know you all love me, don't you? xoxo, gossip girl... huehehehehe*

19 December 2008
Can't wait for the last day of in-class session. Then it's finally oveeeeeeer! Finallyyyyyyy!!!!!
Well, it wasn't over yet, mate... But at least on Monday and Tuesday, I don't have to sit in the same class again... hehe... Kunjungan satminkal, mates... Lagi2, percakapn gw ma Fenita terjadi...
Gw: Pen, jadi udah tau belom, Satminkal tuh apaan?
Fen: Ga tau... Satuan ... ...
Gw: Win, Satminkal teh, apaan yak?
Win: Kal-nya itu Pangkal
Fen: Min-nya apaan?
Gw: Amin?

22 December 2008
First day of kunjungan Satminkal (I still have no idea watdehel is satminkal... The truth is out there, mates...). No wonder Fenita asked me 'Do your parents really work in PU, Tik?'. The answer is 'pingpongpingpong'. 'How come you seem like you don't have a clue of public work?'. Fenita, mate... The ones who work in public work are my parents, not me... And I'm not continuing their track in this organizatin, mate... I am following, not continuing... Kalo gw ngelanjutin mah, tinggal 8 taun lagi gw kerja di sini, trus gw bisa pensiun dengan pangkat tertinggi,,, enak gak siiiiiiiih?
Before Kunjungan Satminkal, We had *another* ceremony... PERINGATAN HARI IBU... hadoooohhh,,,, Do they always celebrate all things with ceremony? Can't they just sing in Karioki for a change? aaaaarggghhhh... Sunray! Sunraaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!
Let's say, satminkal is somekind of division in PU, shall we? So, in Kunjungan Satminkal, each and every division promoted their division so bad to show that they're the best... Hmmm,,, in which division should I go?

23 December 2008
last day of Kunjungan Satminkal. The promotion went on... This time, we got the opportunity to ask as many question as we want, since the time limit were easier to bear than the in-class session.
Thank you mbak Dwi and Bu Sri, who guide my group, for the patience and efforts to explain things up.

24 December 2008
Closing ceremony! Yay! Yay! It's finally oveeeeeeeeer! Yay! Yay! We got seated according to our numbers,,,, got anxious, cos this is the time when we find out in which division are we going to work...
This day is also the day me and Fenita revealed the greatest question mark of all,,, 'watdehel is SATMINKAL?'. Ladies and Gentlemen, SATMINKAL is SATUAN ADMINISTRASI PANGKAL! Fuhhh,,, akhirnya kita tu juga ya, Fen... akhirnyaaaaa... lega...
I got Tata Ruang, Wiwin Got Tata Ruang, Fenita got Balitbang (seneng banget tu bocah, dapat Balitbang... Ih, lu siy... bersedia di tempatkan di mana saja, asal di Bandung dan sekitarnya... dasar gilak...)), Papay got Balitbang, Nia got CK, Ira went back to Bali, and the rest... well, just ask them, hehe...

Fuhh,,, that was my orientation session... See you guys again on 5 January 2009, let's hope I still memorize your faces, mates... amiiin...

Tikki Mahayanti

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