Wednesday, May 21, 2008

He's there, somewhere

He's there, Bo.. why don't you say something?
I dunno, I would love to, but my tongue, and fingers just stopped and hang in the air
He's there, Bo... why don't you say something?
I have always been someone who listens, then I talk or debate. I dunno how to start.
He's there, Bo.. say something, for God's sake...
It's hard for me to start something I have left. And it's even harder for me realizing, if I start again, it'll end up the same way again.
He's there, Bo... say something, you fool!
What should I talk about? There's nothing we have in common, and if I talk it'll just end up with him being hurt, or me being hurt.
He's there, Bo... move it!
I would be really glad to have some conversation, but how would my first line be? 'How's your day? Do you remember who I am?'.

Oh, well... now he's not there again.
And another day goes by with me just stare at letters spelled after his name
Another day goes by without me doing something that could've make things better between us
Another day goes by with my secrets and worries sealed within my mind...

Dear God, I'm sorry cause I'm only human
Dear God, I'm sorry that I've neglected you
Dear God, You must know what am I babbling about, right?
Dear God,,,

I really need some contemplation...

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