Thursday, July 26, 2012


It's been a (long) while since I write something in this blog. Pretty much nothing is going on but so much is on going, thank God. :D
Anyway, I'm back to studying again nowadays, trying to find my scattered brain all over the place, hoping it's adequate to help me through another degree. Back to my old (unfamiliar) campus. The place is still the same, but in so many different ways, it's different. Buildings are just buildings without any real person to share the memories with. Man, human does live by eating memories, huh? Shucks.
Okay, since a person has come and challenge me to start a conversation, I'm dropping this post now. I have to socialize, do I? Yes, I guess so.


desy said...

qibo... aku kangen padamu... :')

TiQi Bo said...

uh... aku juga? *dies*