Wednesday, August 12, 2009

abegeh oh abegeh

As usual, I took a ride in 72 to reach my boarding house tonight... *bok, kesannya kek gw pulang jam 11 malem aja yaaaa... no, I went home earlier, but yet the sun has set...*. There was two high school girls sitting behind me... Me, as usual, was forced to listen their conversation... You decide...

*please do forgive me, if some conversation were not exactly the same as they told... but then,,, the moral of the story is quite the same..*

A: Iya,,, lu percaya nggak siy,,, kemaren gw bisa pulang sendiri naik bus!
B: Wah,,, gimana caranya?
A: Jadi yah, gw naik bus dari sini *melawai, red.* trus ketemu ibuk2... gw ngobrol sama dya, trus bilang kalo gw mo turun di mistik.
B: Trus trus?
A: Ya udah, trus di tengah jalan ada orang mo turun. Pas gw mo duduk, si ibuk2 itu bilang ke gw, kalo mo turun di mayestik, adek turun di sini.
B: Wah, untung yaaaa...
A: Iya, mungkin karena gw rajin solat kali ya?

*I was trying to hide my laugh hearing that conversation... Dude, first of all... it's Mayestik... come on, show some respect for names, please... they mean something... Mistik made it sound like it's a place of dark and full of magic place... And, uhm... you were suppose to be in high school? Ask, dude, ask! Lips and tongue are very useful tools for this thing... And, uhm... what's the correlation of rajin solat and able to get to Mayestik? uhm... I guess there's some correlation, but I think they're far2 away apart...*

A: Gue tuh, sayang banget sama si Gonggong... *It's her by friend's nickname, I suppose*
B: Ya, tapi kasian dya juga kan... nanti jadinya kayak gw sama Buncis... *I forgot the other boyfriend's nickname... so who cares*
A: Iya ya? Lu sayang banget ya, sama Buncis?
B: Uh, gw sayang bangetbanget!
A: Lu dulu brapa lama siy, sama Buncis?
B: Lumayan lama, kok... 6 bulan... eh, 5 bulan siy, yang sebulan itu, HTSan gitu...
A: Iya, gw ma Gonggong juga udah 9 bulan...

*uhm... I'm lost here... 6 months? let's repeat... SIX months is a long time? well, I guess it is... Time and it's relativity... hmm...*

Oh, world... please tell me, what on earth is going on? what did I do when I was in high school? Hmm... basically avoiding attending my classes and spend more time by myself or hanging in cafeteria... I know, my high school life is not normal,,, but hey! At least I don't have to worry anything beside my own self, right?

Owh, this post here is for my cousins who believe that growing up is something she have to pursue... Well, uhm... think again! You'll be there when it's time... And of course for mums and dads who stops by at this post... you've been there done that,,, you must've know what to do, rite? *wah, kena pentungaaaaaaaaaaan... belagak tuaaaaaaaaaa... ampuuuuuuuuuun,,, ahyahyahyahya*

TiQi Bo
Here's a riddle for you/Find the answer: There's a reason for the world/You and I -The Riddle, Five for fighting
ah, nyaris tengah malam lagi... dan perut bergejolak... pertanda apakah ini? *lebay*

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