Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Maybe it's so funny, I gave up laughing

I watched mbing2 jantan with a friend 2 weeks ago. We both need entertainment with our own reasons. She was because she felt like giving up in trying and would like to get drunk... *huehehe, she said, the smell of newly painted walls of the theater would be enough to get the both of us drunk, hyahahaha... sekali merengkuh dayung dua tigqa pulau terlampaui ya, mate?* and my reason was,,, I don't know... I felt enough staring at Toshi's monitor and all I can saw were alphabets, without colorful lines..
By the way, got a new roomies in the office... talkative, I can't believe she share the same year of college as I was... She totally speak like emak2... pardon me... she look young but she talk endlesly and pointless... maybe it's because she's east Java person, that I don't like the tone of her voice or it's because she graduated from planology, she became talkative... *there's an anecdote I share with my friends... planology... plan with no logic... dan tong kosong nyaring bunyinya... waw... nyambung, bok!*. I don't know why, I still prefer having Bu Tuti sitting next to me... at least she shuts her mouth and let me stare at Toshi all day without complaining... *'eh, Tik.. di sini wifinya mati ya? yup... Ya ampun, kok bisa ya?*nyengir* padahal kan... *ignoring*...', 'Eh, Tik, kamu dari plano? bukan... Trus? dari mana? Arsitektur... Emang nyambung ya? kan arsitektur tu bangunan2 gitu ya? *nyengir* Trus, bosen nggak? Yah, begitulah.. biasa aja... Kan nggak ada nyambung2nya ya? Biasanya kamu bikin bangunan2 gitu? hmm... sebelum ini kerja di mana? Bali... oh? kerja di apaan? konsultan... kenapa tertarik jadi PNS sih? kan lebih enak di Bali? *nyengir* Pasti orang tuamu PNS ya? biasanya sih gitu... *straight face* Eh, kalo di sini masuknya jam brapa? hmm, biasanya baru pada nongol jam 10... Iyaaaa, kemaren itu aku dateng blablablawokwokngikngokngikngokwuoooohwuohnyaaaap....* Argh, I wish people have a button in their bodis that state mute, whisper, normal, and loud... like in the movie 'Robots'. Maybe I'm more exhausted that I used to because I had to filter what's important and rubbish from her... >.<
Anyway, back to mbing2 jantan... overall... not funny, at all... not worthed to watch... it's more funny in the book..When Raditya Dika said it's smart comedy, well... maybe I'm not that smart... just bite me with the humour, mates... And Raditya Dika is only good in blogs I suppose, I don't want to meet him in person, since he looks snobbish...period.
Let's go to the movies again, mate... really need something to distract my focus from things going on in the office... In Bandung, I could simply get lost riding Motik, In Bali I could ran into the shores and stood there, maybe in Jakarta I could watch movies...

TiQi Bo
always had something to distract a perfect situation, giving you a getaway place and a whole new perspective... I call it order in chaos...

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